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My name is Alexzandra Humphrey and I live for creating ideas, capturing them in 2d and 3D worlds, then setting them free into our reality to run rampant.

My strengths include versatility to adapt to any artistic style. This includes, but isn't limed to, recreating or expanding using an established style and technique or changing to a new style. I have a strong work ethic and a vast imagination where ideas pour out. I also work well in a team or individually. In addition, I embrace challenges and learn quickly.

My goal is to inspire others through my art and creative talents to the point where it can make a difference in people’s lives. 



·       Art Specialist (Digital and Fine)
Academy Schools | Aug 2016 - July 2018
Instructed about fine and digital art to many students ranging from kindergarten to high school. In addition, I was in charge of the school's art auction and head of the art program in general. During the weekdays after school, I taught digital art classes for those interested in the medium.

·       Freelance Artist
Various Clients | Aug 2008 - Current
Created countless digital illustrations for various clients across the world. Some include character recreation, book cover art, video game assets,  characters, prop creations, and logo designs.

·       Children's Book Illustrator
Alphabet Heroes | Dec 2015 - Feb 2017
Drew full-color illustrations and assisted in character design for the children's story book Alphabet Heroes: Icons and Hero-Glyphs.

·       Prop Artist & Staff Assistance
AkiCon | Jun 2010 - Oct 2015
Helped create and design props along being a designer, builder, assistant, colorist, and problem solver for the convention. On the non-artistic side, I have taken care of badge checking, customer assistance, account management, inventory check, load and unload, setup, guest assistance/welcoming, vip assistance, and general call.

·       Director & Visual Developer
No Strings Attached: Short Film | Aug 2015
Collaborated with a small team for a short film project based around two marionettes facing off in a dance competition. I wrote the script, created the storyboard, designed the characters as well as their model sheets, animated, and helped direct the project all the way through production. Its still in production but the storyboards and character sheets can be viewed on my site.

·       Visual Developer, Modeler, Texture, Animator
Air-Crush: Short Film | Mar 2015
Collaborated with a small team for a short film project based around a man and woman taking a plane trip and falling for one another. On the project I helped aid in character creation, design, modeling, textures and 3D animation.

·       Logo and Character Design
Howdy Doodat Magic | Jun 2013
Designed the current logo and cartoon character appearance for magician Howdy Doodat. You can view it on his website here: [Click]

·       Business Logo Design
Pizza Monkey | Feb 2012
Designed concept logos centered around a crisp, clean, and fresh monkey theme for Pizza Monkey's brand and website. A variation can be seen at their current website: [Click]

·       Character Design for RPG Game
LibertadOnline | Jan 2012
Designed and created ten pixel characters for the experimental RPG game titled as LibertadOnline. In addition, I created a splash page for the game which featured an ice dragon fighting against the lead protagonist; a swordsman.

·       Website Logo Design
MonkeySide Entertainment | Jul 2011
Designed a logo that is currently in use for the MonkeySide mobile app gaming website. You can view it in use here: [Click]


·       BFA: Media Arts and Animation
The Art Institute of Seattle | Dec 2015

·       3D Animation Certificate
Highline Community College | Jul 2013

·       AA: Major Visual Communications
Highline Community College | Jun 2013


·       AIS Graduation Honors
The Art Institute of Seattle | Dec 2015

·       Art Institute Scholarship Award
The Art Institute of Seattle | Jun 2013

·       HCC Graduation Honors
Highline Community College | Jun 2013

·       Phi Theta Kappa Honors
Highline Community College | Jun 2013

·       The National Society of High School Scholars
Kentwood High School | Jun 2013


·       Adobe Photoshop

·       Adobe Animate

·       Adobe Suite

·       Autodesk Maya Series

·       Autodesk SketchBook Pro

·       Clip Studio Paint

·       Pixologic ZBrush

·       FireAlpaca / MediBang Paint Pro

·       Krita Digital Canvas

·       PaintTool SAI

·       TVPaint 10 Pro


·       Illustration

·       Character Concept

·       Cartoonist

·       Colorist

·       Comic Artist

·       Storyboarding

·       2D Animation

·       3D Modeling

·       3D Animation

·       General Concept

·       Graphic Design

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